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Can we talk about how excited I am to share this natural way of dyeing Easter eggs? My mom sent me an Instagram post last week that included this article from Better Homes and Gardens and I decided that I had to try it before Easter this year.

I decided to do cabbage (blue), red onions (green), paprika (orange), turmeric (yellow), beets (pink), and grape juice (lavender).

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The two best parts about this whole new concept (for me) are that:

1.     Most of the ingredients I already had at home (score!!) and…

2.    The ingredients are completely natural and non-toxic so if you have little ones or animals around you don’t have to worry about what ingredients are in the dyes.


The Process:

Be prepared to spend about an hour getting the colors prepped with boiling water and letting each pot cool. Looking back, I think I probably should have boiled a huge pot of water and then have separate bowls with the ingredients for each color on the counter – this definitely would have saved time.

{Letting the beet blend soak up color and cool} 

{Letting the beet blend soak up color and cool} 

{Letting the tumeric blend cool} 

{Letting the tumeric blend cool} 


1. Boil the water and add in the ingredients specified in the linked article. 

2. Let each substance cool (I only have 6 burners and a limited amount of pots so I transferred each color to another bowl to cool so I could continue creating more colors) 

3. Once the mixtures are at room temperature, add in the eggs! 

4. Put the mixtures+eggs in the fridge (or out on the counter if you don't have room) for however long you want (since some of my colors turned out very pale and I put them in for about 6 hours I would recommend at least that much time). 

5. Take out the eggs and decorate them, put them on the table as decor, or even put them at each person's place for an easy (an inexpensive! nametag). 


I have to admit, I was slightly skeptical about how the colors would turn out. But going through this process I realized it would just be trial and error since this was my first time. I left the eggs in their respective colors for about 6 hours and checked on them infrequently and found that the colors darkened as time passed. While some colors turned out better than others: the blue, yellow and green are awesome while orange and pink look pretty much alike and lavender looks like a marbled grey, the eggs still add the perfect pop of color to any Easter festivity. 


{The results!}

{The results!}


Get the instructions for dyeing the eggs here  


Happy Easter everyone!