"Let the Vineyards Authentically Speak Through the Wines"

Every vineyard – especially those worthy of single vineyard wine – is unique and should be farmed

and vinified to make the statement, “This wine can only be grown and made here.”

- Winemaker, anthony beckman



In my mind, I know exactly what the perfect wine from each Estate Vineyard should be.

I know how it should smell, taste and change both in the glass that evening and in the bottle during a decade of aging.

This ideal – distinct for each vineyard – guides the countless decisions, big and small,

that we make from vine pruning through harvesting, blending, aging and bottling.

We’re focused – and a little obsessed – on getting that ideal, perfect wine into the bottle. It’s no easy task. 


To do it consistently, and across several different varietals,

each wine needs an extremely light winemaking touch so the vineyard itself can define the wine.

When grapes are grown well and harvested at the right time, all we want to do in the winery is coax them in the right direction

and make sure they are headed where we want them to go.


Winemaking Team

Winemaker and VP Anthony Beckman standing in cider ridge vineyard with russian river valley fog

Anthony Beckman | Winemaker & VP

Anthony has made Balletto Vineyards wine since 2007 when he was hired as the assistant winemaker. In his first career, he worked as a daily news reporter for prominent newspapers in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, and later moved into the technology world in San Francisco. At age 29, he vowed not to spend his 30th birthday working in a standard office cubicle doing a job so far removed from food & wine. So he quit his tech job, enrolled in chemistry courses and ended up turning 30 while knee deep in Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel. After working the wine harvest in New Zealand, he came back to California and worked for three years as the wine buyer for Taylor's Market, a gourmet wine store in Sacramento, CA while putting himself through UC Davis' Viticulture and Enology program. He spent each morning in classes learning the theoretical chemistry and microbiology behind winemaking and each afternoon sampling dozens of wines from around the world. It was the perfect combination of intellectual learning and hedonistic training. Anthony graduated from UCD with high honors and department-wide recognition. He then worked at some of the premiere vineyards and wineries in Carneros and the Sonoma Coast before joining the Balletto team.

BV8_4288_ Anthony and Ian Rose.jpg

Ian Bearup | Associate Winemaker

Ian started at Balletto Vineyards in 2010 after being hired as a Harvest Enologist. His skills were evident and he quickly moved his way up to Assistant Winemaker and now Associate Winemaker. He was born in Mendocino County California in the early 80's. His father had moved the family out from upstate New York to help his cousin begin planting a vineyard in the budding Anderson Valley. Neither of them knew what they were doing but they put shovels to the soil and dug in. After a few years managing the vineyard, his family left the vineyard behind and moved back to upstate New York. Fifteen years later, on a road trip during the summer of 2001, Ian went back to the vineyard his father planted. It was this trip that inspired him to move back to California. Once college was finished, Ian moved to Sonoma County and worked his first harvest in 2007 at St. Francis winery. The years that followed included stints in Anderson Valley, Willamette Valley, New Zealand, and in 2010, at Balletto. Having worked at Balletto now for 9 years and with 13 vintages behind him, he couldn't see himself doing it any differently. Between Ian and Anthony, they sure make the ultimate dream team. Cheers!

In addition, I strive for what I think of as “Deliciousness.” The overall goal for every wine we grow and make is to create something that elicits that spark of excited pleasure when tasted and shared. It should be something you smell and taste and then think “Oh, that’s good” and take another sip. And that, in my eyes, is success.
— Anthony Beckman, Winemaker