Our business is an extension of our family and we believe in treating everyone who interacts with us on any level as a part of our family as well.


John Balletto Headshot

john, president & founder

  • I love my fruit trees – I have over 60 different ones planted at home

  • Still holds the record for Shot Put at Analy High School

Terri Balletto headshot

TERRI, VICE president & founder

  • Favorite place in the world is Lake Tahoe

  • Loves to travel to new places

Winemaker and VP Anthony Beckman walking in the vineyards with a dog


  • Will bet anyone for a case of beer. Especially during Harvest.

  • Loves to play practical jokes on people

Associate winemaker Ian posing in vineyards

IAN, associate winemaker

  • Born in Mendocino County but grew up in Upstate New York

  • Won Children’s jeopardy when he was 13 ;)

Steve Cellar Master headshot

Steve, Cellar Master

  • Used to be an Army Ranger Medic

  • Loves to Duck Hunt

Gilberto Cellar Production Manager headshot


  • Favorite Sport: Futbol (soccer)

  • Favorite Teams - Barcelona & Cruz Azul

Tony Cellar Production Assistant headshot


  • Favorite Sport: Futbol (soccer)

  • Favorite Teams - Barcelona & Cruz Azul

Monica Director Administrative Services headshot

MONICA, DIRECTOR of Administrative Services 

  • No one can catch her on a snow mobile – watch out!

  • Hates jigsaw puzzles

Sandy Accounts Payable headshot

Sandy, Accounts Payable / Receivable & Licensing

  • Can say the alphabet backwards

  • Got her first grey hair in 7th grade

Nick Brand Ambassador and PR headshot

Nick, PR & Brand Ambassador

  • His specialty is dry-rubbed baby back ribs over charcoal (whereas most other BBQ is on a gas grill)

  • Moved to Sonoma County in 1999 after traveling here for 20+ years

Judy California Sales Manager headshot

Judy, California Sales Manager

  • A Parrot Head / Jimmy Buffet fan for life

  • Her utopia is the beach…Hawaiian Islands

Lisa Events Coordinator headshot


  • Favorite snack is popcorn & chocolate chips

  • Loves her yoga practice & swimming

Helen Donations and Advertising Requests headshot

Helen, Donations & Advertising Requests - DONATIONS LINK

  • Can recite the presidents of the United States in order

  • Her therapy is baking (and the whole office looks forward to her treats)

Ashlei Marketing and ECommerce headshot

Ashlei, Marketing & eCommerce

  • Was practically born with a camera in her hand

  • Played Collegiate Golf + has been to 47 states + Grew up under the bright lights of Las Vegas

Heather Wine Club Manager headshot

Heather, Wine Club Manager        

  • Has a cat named “Mini-me” (think Austin Powers), and the cat loves wine – so you can’t leave your wine unattended!

  • Enjoys painting with acrylics & pastels and used to manage an art supply store

Jacqueline Balletto Tasting Room and DTC Manager headshot

Jacqueline, Tasting Room & DTC Manager

  • Has a Basset Hound name Luigi

  • Loves to garden & collect seeds

Vineyards in Russian River Valley

KRIS, Tasting Room Lead

Vanessa Tasting Room Lead headshot

Vanessa, Tasting Room Lead

  • Was born with one kidney.

  • Has 50 cousins, which makes for some fun and loud family get togethers

2017 harvest kick-off team toast


Bill Viticulturist headshot

Bill, Viticulturist

  • Likes to spend time on the water…fishing and sailing

  • Is a Northern California Native (his great-grandfather immigrated from France in the 1860’s)

Manuel Vineyard Operations Manager headshot

Manuel, Vineyard Operations Manager

  • Die hard SF Giants fan

  • Instrumental in getting baseball field at the winery

Garth Operations Manager headshot

Garth, Operations Manager

  • Can fix or make anything

  • Favorite place to visit is Belize

Luis Shop Manager headshot

Luis, Shop Manager

Truck driver Bill headshot

Bill, Global Executive VP of Transportation “Truck Driver”

  • Ran Boston + NYC Marathon + 16 other Marathon’s

  • Did the Kona Ironman

  • Hiked the Appalachian Trail

Phil headshot with Terri Balletto

Phil, Father, Grandpa + Courrier

  • His parents & brother immigrated from Liverpool, England. Phil was the first one in his family to be born in the US

  • He has been doing yoga and organic gardening since the 60's - before it was cool

Dogs 2.jpg
Hudson the dog photo


  • Has such a big heart

  • Even though he is 12, he still loves to dig…especially for gophers

  • Looks forward to his morning walks with Caterina

Addie the dog photo


  • Very independent

  • Is Queen of the vineyards (we dubbed her the honorary “vineyard manager”)

  • LOVES burritos

Luigi the dog photo


  • Fast runner at short distances (5-yard dog dash)

  • Loves belly rubs

  • Loves watching sports on tv

Harley the dog photo


  • Full of energy and love

  • Sleeps on his back and snores louder than most humans

  • OBSESSED with food