About Burnside Road Vineyard

Burnside Road Vineyard is located on a rolling to steep hilltop site with elevations just under 1,000 feet and about 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Its unsheltered hilltop location leaves the vines exposed to wet fog at night and early mornings, chilly ocean wind, and morning and afternoon sun depending on the slopes. This unique micro climate translates to one of those rare places where the farming is difficult, but the grapes can ripen slowly to produce wines of depth and distinction.


About Emerson Block Vineyard

Surrounded on three sides by Balletto's Burnside Road Vineyard. In the late 1990s John Balletto approached the Emerson family and asked if they wanted to plant their small parcel while he was expanding the Burnside Vineyard. The Emersons agreed, and Balletto has been farming and making wine from this vineyard ever since. Unlike most of the rest of the Pinot Noir at Burnside Vineyard, the Emerson block runs on a north-east/south-west row orientation and slopes toward the south west, giving it excellent exposure. The climatic factors of fog, wind, cool maritime temperatures and the illustrious Goldridge soil gives the grapes an extended time on the vine that allows the tannins and flavors to mature while the cool weather, wind and perfect soil slowdown grape sugar production and keep the natural acidity from respiring. The resulting wines have finessed tannin structure, lower alcohol and higher natural acidity, as demonstrated in our highly acclaimed single vineyard Emerson Block Burnside Road Pinot Noir bottling.


About Mary's Vineyard

This magnificent eight-acre, hillside vineyard is located about 10 miles from the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean and is planted entirely to Pinot Gris. The soils are the famed Goldridge series, and the cool, foggy and windy climate is perfect to make delicate and focused Pinot Gris. On all sides, it's surrounded by world-class (and wildly expensive) Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards in the Sebastopol Hills region of the Russian River and Sonoma Coast. And this is exactly where Pinot Gris deserves to be planted: in the heart of one of the best cool-climate viticulture regions in the world.


About Cider Ridge Vineyard

Located at 950 - foot elevation about 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Cider Ridge Vineyard has East - facing slopes and near - perfect sun exposure that contrasts its cold, foggy and windy location. The resulting wines have intense flavors and aromas with a defining structure.


About Sexton Hill Vineyard

Sexton Hill Vineyard, with its steep hillsides, Goldridge soil and a non-traditional (think cold) northern exposure, lies about 10 miles from the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean. As the vineyard is protected from direct afternoon sun, the grapes planted here produce concentrated and structured wines.

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