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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought I would share some of my favorite places to purchase flowers in Sonoma County. Whether you are looking to order the perfect bouquet, buy a potted succulent, create your own masterpiece, or buy a plant (or tools) for mom's garden, this guide is filled with all of my local favorites. 

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Papillon Floral Design 

This adorable floral shop is located right outside the popular breakfast/lunch spot The Pharmacy (as well as at JaM JAr) in Santa Rosa. A few weeks ago, I needed to get a couple of gifts for my Church teachers and after explaining to the ladies what I wanted, they pulled out two small pots and suggested a Fern and Succulent plant and potted them for me on the spot. They also have great seasonal flowers that they can create a bouquet as you wait. 

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California Sister Floral Design & Supply 

Holy flower shop of my dreams. Not only can you get a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, they also have potted plants, unique home décor, and gardening supplies. Located in Sebastopol, CA. 

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 Trader Joe’s 

Do not overlook this amazing place. Easy. Affordable. Great variety. 

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All of these shops offer impeccable bouquet designs. 


Vanda Floral Design

  • Price: varies - $35+ for delivery and in store $15+.
  • Delivery fee: $10+
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 California Sister Floral Design & Supply

  • Price: $55+ and depends on the availability of flowers.
  • Delivery fee: $10+ 
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Stems Floral Design

  • Price: $35+ with best of starting at $75+.
  • Delivery fee: 10+ 


Atrellis Flower & Gift Shop  

  • Price: varies - $45+ for delivery and can customize a bouquet in-store.
  • Delivery fee: $10+ 

Dragonfly farms  

  • {open Tuesday-Saturday and great for a family outing!} 
  • Price: varies – if delivered then $55+ or you come to the farm and make a bouquet for $5+.
  • Delivery fee: $10

PS: They are open on Mother's Day so bring your family, a picnic, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings!  

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Sequoia Floral Int’l

Great flowers at wholesale prices as well as anything else you need that has to do with flowers (i.e. vases, ribbon, etc.). Come earlier in the day for a better selection of fresh flowers. Pro tip: if you want specific flowers you can place an order (they recommend two weeks in advance). Located in Santa Rosa, CA. 

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Sonoma Flower Mart 

If you are looking to source your flowers locally look no further. They are only open Wednesday and Thursday from 7am-1pm in the Barlow in Sebastopol so plan accordingly! 

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King’s Nursery

I wish I could live here. Their selection of plants and flowers is impeccable. Not to mention their amazing hanging pots that emulate antiques and are beautiful with bright pops of colorful plants. You are sure to go home with more than you came to buy. Located in Santa Rosa, CA. 

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Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery

I could also spend hours here. Not only do they have a great selection of plants but if your mom is looking for specific gardening tools, look no further! 

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Oh and don't forget to order mom some wine or bubbles or both! 


I hope everyone has a fun-filled and relaxing Mother's Day.