How John Balletto does BBQ & Happy Father's Day!

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It is finally summertime in Sonoma County (can I get a heck yes for not as many foggy / windy nights?!) and that means that it is officially BBQ season. Currently, we are BBQing at least 3 times per week and usually sit outside on the patio while the food is cooking with a glass of wine (right now it is Rosé or a crisp Chardonnay), enjoy our view of Sonoma Mountain, and talk and laugh with friends and family for hours.

And...since it is Father’s Day this Sunday, I thought it would be fun to let everyone in on the John Balletto BBQ secrets. If you are new to BBQ'ing or want to switch up your routine and have not tried these easy methods, then look no further!

John Balletto BBQ Methods:

Red Meat


  • Red meat of any sort
  • EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
  • Montreal Steak Seasoning OR salt and pepper


  • Pour EVOO into small bowl and use a seasoning brush to rub oil onto meat (both sides)
  • Generously sprinkle seasoning OR salt and pepper onto meat
  • Place on grill
  • Enjoy!



  • Chicken of any sort
  • Bottle of Newman’s Own Italian salad dressing


  • Place chicken in a Ziploc bag and shake and pour enough dressing to cover chicken and let it marinate at least a half hour or you can leave it in the fridge overnight.
  • Take chicken out and place on grill
  • Enjoy!

There you go, the secrets from the man himself. And yes, they aren’t fancy ways to get your meat full of flavors, but they are fast and work every time.


Looking for a wine pairing for your BBQ? Here are John's current favorites:

In other news... Happy Father's Day!!

I would like to wish all dads a Happy Father’s Day - you are ALL amazing! I hope that you have a day filled with whatever you wish for, whether it is a day with your family or watching TV in peace and quiet.

Our family usually celebrates with one of John’s favorite activities: fishing at Hagemann’s Trout Farm. We have a competition for who can get the first fish, most, least (some of us felt left out), and biggest! It can sometimes get pretty intense since we are all competitive but we always have a great time (even though we come home smelling like fish).  

{Cat, John, and Jacq}

{Cat, John, and Jacq}

PS: Want to treat dad to a day of wine tasting and grill competition? Grill 116 is next weekend. More info here.